31 May 2007

Focus on Solution

This might sound just like another slogan but what does it really mean? Sometimes the easiest way to explain something is through an example, illustration or a story. So let me share some stories that I’ve read sometimes ago, the stories might not be exact however it’s the point that matters.

The story goes that NASA’s astronauts discovered that a ballpoint pen does not work in space. So after conducting a prolonged research that cost several million dollars NASA was able to invent a pen that could not only function in space but also in water. Amazing isn’t it?

Now what did the Russian Cosmonauts do to overcome the same problem?

Simple, they use pencils instead of pens.

Another story goes about a soap factory in Japan, which got alarmed after a supermarket reported that they discovered an empty soap box in their inventory. Immediately they set up a task force of engineers to figure out what went wrong and as a result they installed some sort of X-ray device that would scan every soap box on the conveyer belt before being shipped out.

When they asked one of the factory supervisor what he would do to overcome the same problem, he simply placed a fan next to conveyer belt. The fan blew any empty soap box that was passing through.

The morale is, don’t focus on the problem rather focus on the solution. In every day life we face problems on daily basis, now imagine if we focus on all the problems instead of focusing on solutions. Of course it is not easy to suddenly change the way of thinking, but once we understand the value of ‘focusing on solution’ we can accomplish more things in less time and with better results. Focusing on solutions makes a person innovative and creative.

So then let’s focus on solution!

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Sony AK said...

I really like this thought :)